We are the pioneers of CMS DRO, we are the manufacturer of DRO Model D2A from India.

DRO Model D 2A

Advantages, Functions & Software Specifications

CMS designs and produces DRO models to improve and boost the performance of the systems and control of fluids.

Advantages of DRO Model D 2A

Easy to Install

Easy to store Machine Error compensation

Easy to operate

Suitable for All types of machines


Hardware specification

Adopter Ac dc adopter-INPUT 90-270V AC 50-60-Hz

Linear scale signal: +/-9999.000mm

Operating Temperature:  0 degrees C to 50 degrees C

Transducer Input:  5VTTL

Resolution : 0.001mm, 0.005mm, 0.010mm, 0.050mm, 0.100mm

Display: “7” segment 14.2mm, red display

Quantization Error : +/- ! Digit.

Dimension:  L-190 mm, H- 98 mm, D-108 mm

Software Function

Coordinate zero setting

ABS/INC  Conversion

RAD/DIA selection

Preset mode

Direction setting the coordinate direction


Error compensation: Linear compensation.